Solar project – Suppliers

After getting the permit, I needed to get moving.  Found a company in West Palm Beach called  Inverter Supply which would sell me the Snap-N-Rack ground mounting hardware at a reasonable price. Ordered everything from them with the exception of the end panel hold-down mounts.  I found those on Ebay for much cheaper.  Had everything in a week or so.  Was interesting watching the semi driver attempt to make a 999 point U-turn on the dirt road I live on.  I had told the dispatch to have the driver call me when he was at the end of my road and I would meet him with my trailer.  Wish I had a video.

Next was the rebar and 1 1/2″ galvanized pipe. Used a company named  Surplus Steel out of Orlando.  Excellent prices compared to the local steel outfits in my area.  They even deliver for only $10.  That was about 1000 lbs of pipe and rebar. 

Ordered PV cable from Wire and Cable Your Way. 

Used local electrical supply for the remaining wiring.  10AWG for the home run back to the inverter and 6AWG for grounding.  I had the 8AWG and 6AWG wire for the connections to the sub-panel and disconnect.

Ordered A/C disconnect panel from Amazon. Labels from

More to come…